Eldningsförbud i Kalmar kommun

Från och med klockan 12.00 torsdag 10 juni så råder det eldningsförbud i Kalmar kommun.

Payment with sms or app

To pay your parking with sms or the app "Mobill Parkering", please register and add your Visa or Mastercard information by following the steps below:

Now that you are registered you can pay with sms by following these steps:

  • SMS <zone number><space><registration number><space><how long time you want to park>
    For example, parking 2 hours in yellow zone: KK2 ABC123 2h
    For example, parking 90 minutes in green zone: KK4 ABC 123 90m
  • Send your request to +46 700 86 11 00
  • You have a valid ticket when you have received your receipt for your ticket in your phone.

 Pay with the app by following these steps:

Fler sidor inom parking

Motorhome pitches in Kalmar

In Kalmar we can offer parking areas for those who travel with a mobile home.

Parking for visitors and commuters

As a visitor or regular commuter in Kalmar you can buy occasional or 30-days car park tickets.

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